silica water filtration mediaThe Parry Company has produced and processed silica sand and gravel for the water filtration industry for over 50 years.


Our products are ANSI/AWWA B100-96 approved and NSF Certified to Standard 61.

Quality silica water filtration media, anthracite, granular activated carbon, garnet, greensand, birm, calcite, red flint, and a variety of softening resins used by municipal water treatment plants, original equipment manufacturers, and industrial water treatment facilities are among the products we offer.

Our silica water filtration media is processed and delivered in 20, 30, 50, 100 and 3,000 lbs. bags. We provide competitive prices and timely freight service to a variety of customers across the United States and internationally.

Many of our customers have realized substantial cost savings by purchasing different types of water filter media directly from our facility in central Ohio, and shipping a variety of media on one truck to their project locations. We offer delivery by van, flatbed, dump truck and pneumatic tanker, and customer pick ups are also welcome.

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The Parry Company Founded

50 years ago, Chillicothe, Ohio, was a location that provided the central location our customers required for water filtration products..
Quickly realizing the need
for more high quality water filtration products in global and national markets, we continued to grow our capabilities.


The Parry Company believes it is always our responsibility to find better ways of doing things - thereby ensuring a healthier environment for use by future generations.